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Boundary Review Committee holds first meeting

A boundary review committee has been formed to evaluate and make recommendations to adjustments of school attendance areas for elementary and secondary schools.

They will consider recent and projected growth throughout the district, new and expanded elementary schools approved by the 2015 bond, state objectives to reduce K-3 class size, and other district initiatives that impact enrollment distribution.

The 36-member committee was chosen to represent the geographical regions throughout the district and reflect on diverse needs. It includes community members, parents, district staff, and students. There are nine community members – three from each region representing elementary, junior high and high school. The group also includes five at large community members and two Puyallup PTA Council representatives. District staff members include chief academic officers, principals, transportation, athletics health and fitness, student services, special services, student learning, and equity and achievement.

The committee meets monthly beginning in September 2016 through November 2018. They are an advisory committee to the Puyallup School Board and will present a report to the School Board in 2018 with recommended boundary adjustments. The report will consider possible options and identify benefits and challenges pertaining to them.

The scope of the committee, who act as advisory to the Board of Directors, is:
The committee will review school attendance areas district wide at each grade level. 
The committee will develop and adopt a list of criteria from which proposals for boundary changes will be evaluated. As a             baseline, the committee will seek to provide equity throughout the district in regard to socioeconomic status and ethnicity,             balance enrollment, maximize access to educational programs, and support an efficient transportation plan that includes               non-vehicular safe routes to schools. 
The committee will provide reports to the board throughout the commissioned term. 
The committee will provide public comment opportunities and communication with district stakeholders. 
The committee will present to the board the options considered (including benefits and challenges, when possible) upon                providing its recommendation. 

At its first meeting held on September 21, members were welcomed by Superintendent Tim Yeomans. They were asked to introduce themselves and to locate where they live with a push-pin on the district map. The map presented a visual to show the geographic representation.

The meeting was facilitated by Chief Operations Officer Mario Casello and Director of Facilities Planning Brian Devereux. The committee charter was reviewed and details regarding how the meetings would operate were discussed.