2015 Bond Construction Information Nights
2015 Bond Construction Information Nights
Posted on 10/17/2016
info nightIn November 2015 voters approved a school construction and facility improvements bond to replace three elementary schools, remodel and expand one elementary school, and build a new school.

The $292.5 million bond will replace Firgrove, Northwood, and Sunrise elementary schools with larger schools that will have 30 home rooms (similar in size to the last two new elementary schools, Edgerton and Carson, which opened in 2007). The bond will also build a new elementary school on undeveloped district-owned property on 144th Street near 80th Avenue west of Meridian on South Hill. In addition, the bond will allow for remodeling and expanding Pope Elementary.

Once the 2015 Bond Issue was passed by voters a Bond Oversight Committee, made up of community members, was commissioned by the school board. This committee is charged with advising the board of directors regarding the implementation of the bond program of projects. Members include those from the banking community, hospital, businesses, parents, and education. In addition to overseeing the implementation of all the bond projects to assure adherence to scope, schedule, and cost, the 2015 team makes recommendations of when and how to use bond money, state match, and interest income. It is important to ensure that over time the district will have the opportunity to complete projects which were not funded through the 2015 bond program, but are nevertheless important projects. Given the continued growth in our community and overcrowding of schools, this is critical work.

Decisions made by the PSD board of directors are done publicly at regularly scheduled meetings. The opinions of parents and community members are considered as a routine part of the board meeting agenda. It is the engagement of constituents which make the board meetings meaningful and inform the directors when making these very important decisions.

Because of this, the district will also hold three regional Bond Construction Information Nights in an effort to gather input from the communities most affected by upcoming construction. During the month of October, meetings will be held in the Firgrove and Northwood communities. In addition a meeting will be held at Rogers High School to accommodate those living in the area of the new elementary school on South Hill.

Information Nights will be held from 7 – 8 p.m. on the following dates:

- October 6 at Firgrove Elementary
- October 11 at Northwood Elementary
- October 18 at Rogers High School (for the new elementary on South Hill)

The information nights will be an opportunity for community members to hear about the project schedules, time frames, meet the design professionals, and ask questions. These meetings are intended to give the community an opportunity to share their thoughts and learn more about the projects. These meetings are designed to encourage open communication with all stakeholders.  

Nancy French