10-3-14: Applications for Young Scholars program
10-3-14: Applications for Young Scholars program
Posted on 10/03/2014

Applications for current kindergarten students are now being accepted by the Young Scholars program which serves highly capable students in kindergarten, first, and second grade. Students in Young Scholars meet for two, 30-minute sessions each regular school week.  The program meets in each elementary school. 


The learning activities in the Young Scholars program are designed for highly capable students.  The activities extend basic skills and supplement regular classwork. In the Young Scholars program, students study patterns in language and learn about the world around them through science topics.  The activities help students develop a rich vocabulary and encourage them to think deeply.  The multi-age grouping gives students a chance to work with other students who have similar learning needs.



Interested parents must complete a Highly Capable Learners Application.  The online application is available on the Puyallup School District website:

Application for Highly Capable        


Applications for this year’s kindergarten students must be submitted by October 20th.