5.13.15: Walker High celebrates 40th anniversary on May 29
5.13.15: Walker High celebrates 40th anniversary on May 29
Posted on 05/12/2015

The community is invited on May 29 to attend Walker High School’s 40th anniversary celebration, including guest speakers, displays of student work, the filling and sealing of a time capsule, and the unveiling of a new school mascot and student-created mascot logo.



Dessert also will be served at the free event, which will be held from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the school, 5715 Milwaukee Ave. E. in Puyallup. Semi-formal dress is suggested.



The evening will begin with a half hour of time set aside for guests to view student work, school history displays, and items that will be placed inside the school’s time capsule.



Formal presentations will follow, including guest speakers, the unveiling of the school mascot and a student-created mascot logo, and the time capsule sealing ceremony.



The new school mascot logo, created as part of a schoolwide contest, will be in addition to the official school logo that will continue to be featured on the Walker High website and used at formal occasions. That logo features a large maroon “W” on a black and silver background.



The time capsule will be filled with mementos, historical artifacts to celebrate the history of the school and greater Puyallup Valley, and student-generated work. Students have written letters to their future selves in English class, researched technological advancements in science class, and compiled photos and videos in Career and Technical Education classes.



The capsule, which will be painted by Walker High art students, will remain sealed for 20 years until May 29, 2035. Until then, it will be on display in the Walker High School office.



“Our hope is that the future students and faculty of Walker continue the project by adding to the contents and then resealing the capsule for another 20 years,” said Nicole Waring, a student teacher at Walker High who is coordinating the project.



The evening will conclude with a dessert reception.