3.15.15: Puyallup Education Association votes for one-day walkout
3.15.15: Puyallup Education Association votes for one-day walkout
Posted on 05/15/2015

The Puyallup Education Association (PEA) voted on May 14 to approve a one-day walkout, but has not yet set a date for the intended action this school year.



The school district will keep parents informed when the PEA announces the intended walkout date so that school leaders can establish a makeup day for students to attend school.


Communication will include information on the school district’s website, school Web pages, social media, automatic phone messaging, and through local press releases.


The Puyallup Education Association is among more than 30 teacher associations across Washington that have either held or have voted to hold one-day strikes to rally for funding from the state Legislature.


“We appreciate the work of our teachers in service to our students and the work of our legislators to serve the state as a whole,” said Puyallup School District Superintendent Tim Yeomans. “We recognize that together everyone needs to find a solution.”


Yeomans continued, “We know that our legislators have a difficult job, and there has been a great deal of bi-partisan work in both Houses to try and craft a long-term solution in line with the McCleary Court decision. We understand this is an inconvenience for our parents, and we apologize for the disruption.”