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Computer kiosks increase family access to information
Computer kiosks increase family access to information
Posted on 08/20/2015

The district has made it easier for families and community members, especially those

who don’t have Internet access at home, to search the district website for information and access documents such as volunteer applications and voter registration forms.


Computer kiosks — computer screens mounted on stands — are being installe

d throughout the district in school office entries and at several support buildings, including the administrative office in downtown Puyallup.


Plans are to have all 37 kiosks installed in schools and support buildings by early this fall, said Kylie Rosado, application analyst with the district’s Information Technology Center. Rosado is managing the kiosk project. 



With a touch of the screen, students, parents, and community members can search the Puyallup School District website to access information and documents such as student grades and assignments, district videos, news, events calendars, voter registration forms, bus routes, and individual school Web pages.


Randy Averill, executive director of technology services, said, “The kiosks will serve as a great communication tool for parents.  While this project is based on technology, I don’t view it as a technology project. It’s a project to provide service to the families of our students.”


The district’s Information Technology Center staff will track how often the kiosks are used this year. Depending on that data, the district may consider locating kiosks in some community locations such as the mall, apartment complexes, and grocery stores, Rosado said.