What browser should I be using?

Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11. District applications that run on the web are designed and supported for IE.   If you install Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you may experience unknown results with district standard software (eSchoolPLUS, TAC, BusinessPLUS, Employee On-Line, IEPOnline, Infofinder LE, Transfinder, etc.).


It was suggested by tech support that I clear my cache.  How do I clear cache from Internet Explorer?

Once your browser is open, click the gear at the top right to open the settings menu.

Click Safety

Click Delete Browsing History

Or, optionally you may press Ctrl + Shift + Delete to open the Delete Browsing History window.


Un-check the box for Preserve Favorites website data. (This is necessary to completely clear your cache.)

Check the box for Temporary Internet Files.

Uncheck all of the other boxes.

Click the Delete button

Your computer will work for a moment, and then the process will be complete.