Bring Your Own Device
Guidelines and FAQs for district staff to establish a connection to the district wireless network, PSDSTAFF.

Overview: Bring Your Own Device

This document outlines the process for connecting a device and answers some of the most common questions about the Bring Your Own Device initiative.      

What you should know

The majority of the district facilities have an extensive wireless infrastructure.


Follow the steps listed below to connect to PSDSTAFF. After the first two steps are completed, most devices will “remember“ the network and steps 1 & 2 will not need to be repeated.  However, the third step must be performed each time you want to connect to the internet using the district’s wireless network. 

1. Access the “Configure Wireless Networks” functionality on your device. Since this varies from device to device, these instructions assume the user is fully versed on his/her personal device. Connect to the network PSDSTAFF, which shows as unsecured.

2. Open the device’s browser application (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc.) and attempt to access any website (, for example).

3. The system will “redirect” you to a login screen, where you enter your login credentials (district account and password). Depending on your device, it may connect automatically.  Apple devices will need to enable trust.  Android devices will need to accept certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Following the first-time connection, my device shows that it is connected to the wireless network, but my email doesn’t come through. Why is that? 

Most likely, you did not open the browser and enter your login credentials (Step 3 in the instructions above). Until you do so (every day, or each time you leave the coverage area), your device will be blocked from accessing the internet even though it’s connected to the wireless access point.

Who do I call if I don’t know how to configure my device (iPad, Droid, Windows laptop, etc.)?

Because they are personal devices and EdTec is not staffed to provide support. You must find device-specific support elsewhere. If you are unable to connect, your district-issued laptop will have to suffice.

I connected my personal Windows laptop, why can’t I see my district folders or use TAC?

This service connects you directly to the internet (through the district’s filter, of course). To protect the integrity of our network, non-district computers are not connected directly to district resources.

Do we have a way to access district tools such as TAC and district folders?

Yes, these will be available using the Remote Access Services, which is a separate IT initiative. Eventually, you will be able to access the service in the same manner as if you were connecting from home or another location.

Revised May 2019