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  Voicemail Reference Guide
Instructions for accessing your PSD Voicemail.

 • Destiny (Library, Textbook, & Resource Management System)
Getting Started with Follett eBooks
Getting Started with Destiny Discover (Video)

 • E-mail: Office 365 and Outlook
     - Add or replace Shared Calendars and Rooms
     - Archive Manager
     - Creating and Managing E-mail Rules
     - Delegate Access Using Outlook
     - Office 365 - iOS and Android Setup

 • E-mail Drop Box
Need to send or receive large files? Follow this easy guide for using the PSD Drop Box.

 • Schoology Log In

 • Transportation Software
Infofinder i
 • ThinkCentral (Journeys)

• Typing Agent
• Typing Agent Student Login Instructions
• Typing Agent Teacher Login Instructions

If you have any questions regarding Educational Applications, please call the Help Desk at 253-841-8600, option #3