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Lost/Forgotten Lunch Money Procedures

Forgotten Lunch or Lunch Money?

Puyallup School District (PSD) recognizes that a student may forget, lose, or encounter a zero cash balance in a student’s lunch account fund. In these situations, PSD Food and Nutrition Services ensures they still can eat a nutritious lunch at school – as there is a positive correlation between a healthy diet and academic success.

The cafeteria staff will look up the next steps the parent/guardian selected on e-Trition, a questionnaire emailed to new PSD Families before the upcoming school year. The purpose of the questionnaire is to allow families to make the most appropriate choice for what the school should do to serve the best needs of their child, such as those with dietary restrictions.**

The following are the next steps parents/guardians can select on e-Trition:
•Have the student call them to purchase the meal online through
•Set a charge limit between $4.10 and $20.50 to the student's account. Following the authorization, the district will notify the parent/guardian of the email and asks them to make a payment for the meal within three days. 
•Decline the school from serving the student due to dietary restrictions until the school contacts them regarding available options. The student will also be sent to their school's administrative office so they can review their records and call their parent/guardian to determine the next steps.** 

In certain scenarios, a no-cost alternate meal will be served to students if families choose this meal plan option via e-Trition. 
•Parent/guardian does not authorize meal charges without prior approval
•Student reaches the charge limit in food account 

**Families are not required to disclose their child's dietary restrictions with PSD.

Alternate Meal Nutrition Information