Ferrucci Counselor Wins Award

John Frazier, counselor at Ferrucci Junior High, was honored with the eighth annual Puyallup School District Peer Support Network Inspirational Award. Frazier was selected from among this year's nominees for "his outstanding cultural contributions" to Ferrucci Junior High and the school district. Gerald Denman, Chief Equity and Achievement Officer, and Superintendent Tim Yeomans suprised Frazier with the honor during an impromptu award presentation in the school office as he was surrounded by his colleagues, students, and family members. He also received a standing ovation during a recognition ceremony at the June 16 Puyallup School Board meeting.


Frazier works tirelessly with students in the school's Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) classes and encourages eligible African-American youth to view for an annual incentive award that recognizes their academic excellence, community involvement, and good citizenship. Frazier believes, it is critical to get students on track for post-secondary success well before they reach high school. No barrier, financial or personal, is too great to overcome for any student who wants to pursue additional education, he said.


Frazier has been a member of district's Peer Support Network for the past three years. The Peer Support Network began meeting in 2003 to provide opportunities for district employees to share experiences and promote diversity and cultural competency throughout the district.