National Bullying Prevention Month - October 2014

It’s OCTOBER!     National Bullying Prevention Month:



1.  Kick off thoughts:

     The vast majority of young people do not bully and do not like bullying!

     Use social norming messaging:  Most kids do not bully and do not like bullying!


2.       Starter to-do’s:

          a.  If you see bullying, recognize it for what it is.

          b.  Report it.  Say something to someone you trust.  To someone who can help.

               Remember: “Tattling” versus “telling”. 

               1.  “Tattling” is done to get somebody into trouble.

               2.   “Telling” (reporting) is to help somebody out.

          c.  If you see bullying, don’t join in.  Refuse to participate.

          d.  And if it happens to you, don’t retaliate.


3.  Cyberbullying Thoughts:   

     a.  Think before you post.

     b.  Remember:  it’s permanent!

     c.  Remember:  it’s all public.