Race and Pedagogy Conference

The University of Puget Sound is hosting the Race and Pedagogy National Conference on September 25-27.  On Friday, September 26th, the Puyallup School District will be taking 50-100 AVID students (approximately 3-4 classes) to attend the conference and participate in a Youth Summit; this opportunity will be held at UPS from 9:00-2:00pm.


This highly regarded conference occurs once every four years and draws as many as 4,000 participants from across the nation.  The conference theme this year is “What NOW is the Work of Education and Justice?: Mapping a New Critical Conscience.”  Keynote lectures, spotlight sessions, conversations, and the youth summit will discuss issues related to race, education, and justice.  This year’s renowned keynote speakers include Angela Davis, Winona LaDuke, Henry Louis Gates Jr., and Eduardo Bonilla-Silva.  Please go to pugetsound.edu/raceandpedagogy for more information.