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Students showcase learning during Spring Fair

Nearly a thousand students in kindergarten through grade 12 participated in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Showcase and the 12th Annual Honoring Cultures Diversity Celebration during the Washington State Spring Fair.


Several hundred of those students representing kindergarten through grade eight entered projects in one of four areas in the STEM Showcase: inventions, reverse engineering, technology, and scientific practices.


Inventions ranged from an automatic dog feeder and “Dog-o-Matic 3000 Dog Wash” to a “Scrub Bot” robot that cleans the floor.


In reverse engineering, students took apart and explained to judges how common everyday items such as a hair dryer, clock, cell phone, 5-speed handheld mixer, and incandescent light bulb work.


Those who explored scientific practices examined questions such as whether the type of conductor effects how bright a light bulb lights up, while students who entered technology projects showed a variety of computer skills such as designs created in an Internet-based 3D design and modeling tool.


While the judging and presentations took place on Saturday, April 18, several STEM competitions and demonstrations were featured the following day. The community participated in a variety of hands-on projects  on Sunday, and competitions included the annual Straw Tower Contest and a new Building Boxes Competition.


In addition to the STEM Showcase in the Pavilion, more than 600 elementary, junior high, and high school students from throughout the district shared music, dance, visual art, and other artistic talents during the Honoring Cultures Diversity Celebration.


Stage performances featured more than 500 students in group and individual singing, dancing, and drumming presentations. Art pieces ranged from visual art to poetry, and many of the student artists were on hand to explain their work to family members and guests.


Each year, the artwork entered into the exhibit is based on culturally-relevant curriculum and projects.


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