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ASB Manual and Training Videos

This page contains links to ASB training videos and the Associated Study Body (ASB) Procedure Manual, which covers ASB processes, procedures, and policy for the Puyallup School District. The manual provides basic information to be used as a guide by school administrators, bookkeepers, advisors, coaches, and other staff working with ASB.  You can open the entire manual, or go directly to the link of a specific chapter. Additional manuals of related interested are listed at the bottom of this page.

For more information about ASB, contact Finance Manager, Rico Lopez at 840-8834 or  Amie Day, Director of Accounting & Finance at 435-6777.

ASB Training Videos

ASB in Schools  (13 min):

Explains the roles and responsibilities of ASB officers and advisors, and the typical activities that occur in ASB throughout a typical year.

ASB Budgeting (11 min):

Covers everything staff and advisors need to know when building a budget for an ASB athletics or activities club.

ASB Purchasing Procedures  (14 min):

Explains the policies and procedures governing the purchase, liability, inventory control, and surplus/disposal of goods and services purchased with ASB funds.

ASB Fundraising  (12 min):

Covers all the necessary processes and procedures that must be followed when engaging in ASB fundraising from beginning to end including fundraiser forms, budget considerations and cash/inventory control.  Also includes important information regarding online fundraisers.

ASB Cash Handling and Inventory Control (9 min):

Covers processes and procedures related to proper cash handling and inventory control for ASB student stores and fundraisers.

ASB and PTA/Parent Groups  (13 min):

Examines the differences between fundraising for ASB purposes vs. PTA/Parent Group fundraisers; includes information to help staff understand the key processes and procedures that must be followed to keep fundraisers for these two different entities completely separate.

ASB Charitable Fundraising (8 min):

Discusses the additional considerations that apply when raising funds through the ASB for charitable purposes.

Athletics Fundraising (21 min) – Designed specially for athletic coaches:

Comprehensive training video for employees and coaches who fundraise for athletics through ASB, covering topics including: cash handling, fundraising forms and procedures, ASB vs. Booster Clubs,  inventory control, awards and incentives, and vendor relations.

Entire ASB Procedures Manual

     • ASB Procedures Manual


Individual ASB Manual Chapters


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