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Prior Approval Form & Guidelines

Prior Approval Form 2023 (for use 1/3/2023 - present)


Prior approval is required PRIOR to making arrangements for travel related to conferences, seminars, student athletics and activities (including field trips), recruiting trips and out-of-district overnight meetings. 

The Prior Approval Form must show meals, lodging, transportation, registration fees, substitutes and any other estimated expenses for which payment or reimbursement will be requested.  A copy of the registration form must be attached to each prior approval. 

 For more information on district policies related to travel, please refer to District Board Policy 6213 & Regulation 6213R (District Travel); and District Board Policy 2320 & Regulation 2320R (Field Trips, Excursions and Outdoor Education).

 If prepayment for any travel item is requested, attach a Check Request Form and other necessary documentation (e.g. completed registration form) to the Prior Approval Form prior to routing for approval signatures.

 If a purchase order (PO) for any travel item is requested, attach necessary documentation to this form prior to routing for approval signatures.


General Information:

Personal Information - Enter your name, employee number, and work location. 

 Registration Vendor – Enter the name of the vendor to whom registration fees will be paid.

 Conference Information - Enter the name of the conference and destination (city and state).

 Travel Dates - Enter the date of your departure and return. 


Complete substitute information as indicated if any dates of travel require substitute coverage.  If a substitute is NOT required, disregard this section of the form.

 If Director approval is required on the Prior Approval Form, the Director secretary will forward a copy of the substitute request after all necessary approvals are obtained.

 If Director approval is NOT required on the Prior Approval Form, a copy of the substitute request will be forwarded to the Substitute Office when the form is received in Purchasing.


If an employee’s travel will include students (field trips, contests, etc.),  the completion of Form 2320F1 is required.  An employee should check the “YES” box to indicate they have completed Form 2320F1.  Check boxes for 2320F5 and a bus request from transportation should also be checked if applicable.  If students are NOT involved in the travel event, disregard this section of the form.


Registration, Transportation & Lodging - Enter the estimated costs for registration fees, transportation and lodging.  For each expenditure item, employees must indicate the method of payment (PO, procurement card, check request or reimbursement).

 Mileage - Enter the estimated number of miles that will be driven in a private vehicle.  The District reimburses at the IRS rate per mile and does not reimburse for actual gas expenses.

 Per Diem Allowance  –  For prior approval purposes, per diem allowance is estimated at $69 per day.  When calculating reimbursement, the Accounting Department will verify the applicable per diem rate based on the employee’s primary travel destination and calculate the total per diem owed to the employee.  Employees will receive 75% of the per diem allowance on the first and last days of travel.  Meals that are provided to the employee as part of the conference registration fees will be deducted from the per diem allowance.

 Per diem is intended to cover meals and incidentals including customary tips; baggage handling fees and tips; and hotel/motel services.


When completed, employees must sign and date the form and attach any necessary documentation.

 Prior to routing for approval signature(s), an employee should keep a copy for their records or save an electronic pdf copy.

 The form must be routed to the employee’s immediate supervisor and the director with budget authority for their approval signature(s) and budgeting coding in the APPROVAL section of the form.    

 The form must then be routed for other required signatures as follows:


In-State Not Overnight

In-State Overnight


(All States)

International (including B.C.)




Executive Director of Education


Athletic Director

(For Athletic Travel Only)









* Travel involving students require approvals as noted above (see Regulation 2320R).

 When all approval signatures are obtained, the form should be forwarded to PURCHASING for processing and records retention