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Expense Claim Form


Use this form to claim reimbursement for non-prior approved travel transactions and other out-of-pocket expenses; these include itinerant mileage between work locations, supplies, and meeting refreshments.   Claims should be submitted monthly except when the total claim is under $5.00.  In these cases, employees should hold expenses until their claim totals $5.00 or more. 



Personal Information - Enter your name, employee number, and work location. 


Month/Year - Enter the month and year the transactions occurred.  This will determine which year the expenses are charged to.


Mileage (5858) – Enter the mileage date; a general description of the “FROM” (origin) and “TO” (destination); round trip mileage (rounded to nearest 1/10th of a mile); and a general description of the business purpose for the mileage.   Mileage will be reimbursed when employees are representing the District in an official capacity related to their job, traveling to school activities in a supervisory capacity, conducting home visits, or traveling between work locations.  Mileage is reimbursed at the current IRS rate. 


If more mileage lines are needed than are provided on the form, it is permissible for employees to keep track of their mileage on a separate piece of paper (e.g. an Excel spreadsheet), then enter the total miles traveled on one line of the expense claim form.  “See Attached” should be placed in the PURPOSE column.


Meals & Meeting Refreshments (5559)


Meals - Enter the date the meal was purchased.  For local travel (not associated with prior approval), meals are reimbursed at the breakfast, lunch or dinner component of the $69 per diem rate, as listed on the form (see below for meals that qualify for reimbursement).  Check the corresponding box for the meal that was purchased.  Indicate the number of people served in the # OF PEOPLE SERVED column (e.g. if the employee bought lunch at a business meeting for themself only, the # of people served would be 1).  Original receipts are not required.   Attach a copy of the meeting agenda to the claim form.


Meals shall be reimbursed only in the following cases:

1)       When a meal taken at a meeting is part of the agenda and business is conducted before and after the meeting.

2)       When directed or required to attend mealtime business meetings, including community or public relations meetings.

3)       When an employee is traveling for more than 12 hours (but not overnight).


Meeting Refreshments – Enter the date the refreshments were purchased.  Enter the actual total spent in the MEETING REFRESHMENTS column.  Indicate the number of people served in the # OF PEOPLE SERVED column.  Provide a general description of the business purpose for the refreshments.  Original receipts are required.  Attach a copy of the meeting agenda and attendee list to the claim form.



Other – List all other out-of-pocket expenditures for which there is not a specific line item.  Enter the date the items were purchased, the vendor name, a general description and purpose for the items, and the total amount spent.  Original receipts are required. 




When completed, employees must sign and date the CERTIFICATION section of the form; attach required receipts, meeting agenda and attendee list (if applicable).


The form must then be forwarded to the employee’s immediate supervisor and the director with budget authority for the expenditures for their signature(s) in the APPROVAL section of the form.   


The supervisor or director must place the appropriate budget code(s) on the form.  If more than one budget code will be used, the AMOUNT OR PERCENT line must be completed for each budget code so the appropriate amounts are applied to each budget at the time of processing.


The form and all pertinent documentation must then be forwarded to the applicable Accounting Services Specialist in the Business Office at 109.


NOTE:  If a form is received by the Accounting Department without the proper documentation, the form will be returned unprocessed to the employee with a note asking for the missing documentation.