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Student Gallery - Poetry and Prose
Student Gallery - Poetry and Prose
Posted on 07/03/2013

The following writing entries are from the "Best Part of Me" literacy project by Kimmie Read's third graders at Pope Elementary School in the 2012-13 school year. 




My Ears


My ears my ears.

Oh how I love my ears.

They’re upon my face, on the side,

they hold up my favorite earrings.

My ears my ears.

Oh how I love my ears.

They help me hear.

Since I have ears I can hear.

Oh how I love my ears!


By: Carlee Stabio-Carrier




My Face

oh my face

my beautiful face, it holds some parts of me,

because if my eyes were on my thighs

let me tell you it wouldn’t be a beautiful sight,

and if my nose was on my toes

I would smell stinky old feet,

and if my mouth were on my hair

it would be itchy every day,

so my face my beautiful face you hold some parts of me…


By: Sophia Laer




My Eyes


I love my eyes

They are so bright.

They glow in the night,

With all of their light.

Without your eyes,

You cannot see.

I love my eyes,

because they’re bright green.


By: Presley Cade




My Hair


I like, I like, I like my hair.

Oh hair where did you go?

I do not hear you.

Oh my hair will be cut if I do not share and care with all

my heart.

I love, I love, I love my hair.


By: Mika Maakestad




My Feet


My feet are special to me.

They are stinky.

They hold my toes

My feet my feet are special to me.


By: Seth Ashbay






My Legs


my legs my legs

help me move to here to there

they play and move every day

so I can go and run

so I can have fun

my legs are my favorite part of me


By: Joseph Martinez




My Hair


I love I love I love my hair

It is so soft and brown

I love I love to do my hair

In ponytails and more.

It’s curly and wavy

Like the raging sea

It is so beautiful to me


By: Patricia Westmark




My Toes


Oh my beautiful toes,

sparkly, shiny,

pink and black crackle

they help me stand on my tippy-toes to take my little

brother’s stuff.

Oh my beautiful toes.


By: Emily Brooks




My Feet


My feet my feet they smell so sweet.

They smell like roses every time I sweep.

Now when I run I run so fast.

I see a school pass,

My feet so sweet.


By: Jazmyn Siolo






My Face


My face. My face

Oh my darling face.

My face is different in a way,

My face. My face.

It holds things,

my tongue, ears, mouth, and nose,

I love my face!


By: Laci Starr




My Arms


My arms, My arms

I need them for blocking

when my sister gives me a whap.

I love me arms.

My sister gives me a whack.

I block then again

again again and again


By: Ethan Pak




My Arm Hair


My arm hair keeps me warm through tough winters.

It is my key to my manliness.

It is white, black, and gray.

My arm hair my arm hair.

I really like my arm hair.


By: Xander Hudson






Helping Ears


Oh ears oh ears.

You help me hear.

You help me put my glasses on.


By: Tyson Veney








My Hands


My hands are my favorite with all my heart.

Your hands are important because without them you can’t



By: Austin Crippen-Byrd








My Eyes


My eyes, my eyes, beautiful

dark cocoa brown eyes,

so shiny, they help

me to see and read,

Oh my beautiful brown eyes.


By: Alexis Mueller






My Hair


I love my hair because it is very soft,

It is a bob cut,

I love to braid it,

Put it in little ponytails,

I love my hair French braided.


By: Stephanie Jacques









My Fingers


fingers, fingers what can you do?

fingers, fingers, what can we do without you?

You can type, hold things,

what else can you do?

you make me shine bright when the colors are on you.


By: Angela Wadley










My Legs


I run with my legs

I ride bike all day

I play sports

I use my legs to jump, walk, climb up and down

I kick a ball

I couldn’t play, ride, walk or run

I love my legs.


By: Gavin Sullivan




My Hair


I love my hair

because it is soft and silky,

I brush it every day,

I love to put it up in lots of ways,

like ponytails or braids.


By: Zowie Thompson









My Hands


Because I can play basketball,

bounce, bounce, bounce

Then my hand lets go

I shoot

bounce, bounce, bounce


By: Victoria Araujo






My Fingernails


Beautifully shaped,

Tinted in sparkly pink or metallic purple,

Click-clack, click-clack as I type on the keyboard,

Perfect for opening children’s bananas,

Ideal itch scratchers,

My fingernails are both useful and a thing of beauty.


By: Ms. Read




June 10, 2013



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