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The Operations department within the Puyallup School District is here to serve, first and foremost, the efforts to enhance student learning.  We do this in partnership with staff, students, and the community.  We are committed to providing the most welcoming environment possible for all stakeholders.  Our goal is to fulfill our mission to plan for, maintain, and improve our school properties in a manner that supports academic success, safety, and comfort to the users, and community pride in appearance.  We believe in continuous improvement using the best talents within the system and community in the most efficient manner possible.  

Within our department, we have successful teams that focus their efforts on maintenance, custodial services, night security, and facility use.  Each one of these departments collaborates and cross connects to ensure that buildings are maintained so that the district’s infrastructure runs smoothly and efficiently.  We place a lot of emphasis on “team” and look to communicate the importance of working together on managing energy and resource conservation, prioritizing our work orders, and making sure our facilities, internally and externally, are welcoming by being safe, clean, and secure.  

We encourage you to navigate our Operations department links where you will find more detailed information regarding each area that makes up our department and supports the district.  

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    Dr. Vincent Pecchia
    Assistant Superintendent of Operations and School Support

    Debbie Haworth
    Executive Assistant


    Jack Widmann
    Director of Operations 

    Melissa Brassard
    Operations Specialist
    (253) 841-8642


    Phillip Anderson
    Director of Maintenance

    Kim Newstrom

    Maintenance Specialist
    (253) 841-8777