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11-20-13: Palm scanners removed
11-20-13: Palm scanners removed
Posted on 11/20/2013

In response to concerns expressed by parents at a recent school board meeting, the district has suspended the implementation of palm scanners during school lunch while it studies the technology in greater depth.


Use of the palm scanner had been introduced this fall at Stahl Junior High and Wildwood Park Elementary schools, however, use has been discontinued while more research is done on the technology.


An initial overview of this research will be presented to the Puyallup School Board at its next meeting on Monday, December 2.  Following this presentation, the board will consider the possibility of future research, community engagement, and use of the palm scanner.


The new scanner option would increase meal line speed leaving more time for students to eat their meals.  It also would enhance student meal account security, assuring parents that only their student can gain access to their prepaid meal account funds or access to their free or reduced-priced meal benefits.