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11-22-13: Bus inspection yields high passing rate
11-22-13: Bus inspection yields high passing rate
Posted on 11/22/2013

Nearly 100 percent of school buses and district vehicles met safety standards during an extensive three-day Washington State Patrol inspection in August.


Of the 187 school buses and 19 district support vehicles examined, 97 percent of the buses and 100 percent of the vehicles passed inspection, said Cathy McDaniel, director of transportation.


Six buses were placed out of service for issues such as a crossing arm malfunction and shock adjustors out of adjustment. District mechanics fixed those items immediately, presented the buses to the state patrol for reinspection, and returned the buses to service while inspectors were on site, she said.


Inspectors also noted more minor repairs such as holes in seats, faded stop paddle markings, and inoperable heaters. These items were not deemed severe enough to pull a bus out of service and are being addressed.


The state patrol inspects district buses and vehicles twice a year — the full operating fleet in summer during a planned inspection, and about 25 percent of the buses during an unannounced winter inspection sometime between November and March.