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01-13-14: School transfer application due dates
01-13-14: School transfer application due dates
Posted on 01/13/2014

January 10 is the deadline for junior high students in grades seven and nine, as well as high school students in grades 10 through 12, to submit in-district transfer applications for optimal placement in the 2014-15 school year.


Eighth graders have until June 2, 2014 to submit their in-district transfer applications, based on school board action taken this month.


The board agreed on January 6 to extend the application deadline for eighth graders only to allow more time to notify families about a change to in-district transfer requirements for that grade level only.


Eighth graders who plan to attend a high school not in their home attendance area as a tenth grader, but participate in high school athletics at that school as a ninth grader, must submit an in-district transfer application by June 2.


Beginning in fall 2014, ninth graders will have an opportunity for the first time to compete in all high school sports.


The school board agreed last spring to include ninth-grade athletics as part of the high school interscholastic sport program, effective in fall 2014. A task force has been meeting since then to determine how to best implement the new 9-12 athletic program.


School board policy prohibits students from transferring to a high school outside of their attendance area based on athletics only. To learn more about who is eligible for in-district transfers, view the 2014-15:


Junior High "Intra-District Transfer Application"

High School “Intra-District Transfer Application”


Elementary school in-district transfers


March 5 is the deadline to submit elementary level transfer applications within the Puyallup School District. The 2014-15 Elementary Intra-District Transfer Application Form is available on the school district website and in all district schools.


In-district students in all grades who are already attending a school on a transfer do not need to resubmit an application unless they plan to change schools.


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