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08-16-12: PTA Council presents annual awards
08-16-12: PTA Council presents annual awards

Several hundred people gathered in May at the Puyallup PTA Council’s 46th Annual Awards Banquet to recognize deserving volunteers and educators with the Golden Acorn Award, the Zeiger Award, and other special recognitions.

Puyallup School District Superintendent Tim Yeomans addressed the crowd as the keynote speaker. The event was held at the Puyallup Fair & Events Center. Heidi Zetterberg, president of the Maplewood PTA, received the PTA Council’s Golden Acorn Award. The Council also announced Golden Acorn Award winners from schools throughout the district.

Kevin Hampton, newly named principal at Carson Elementary who formerly served as principal at Meeker Elementary, received the Zeiger Award, which recognizes an outstanding educator. The award was established in 1994 to honor Edward Zeiger for 43 years of service as a teacher and principal in this district.

Donna Drumm, president of the Puyallup PTA Council, received the Council’s Outstanding Advocate Award.

The following are Golden Acorn, Outstanding Educator, and Outstanding Advocate winners districtwide:

Ballou Junior High:
Golden Acorn; Dori Tate

Brouillet Elementary:
Golden Acorn; Catherine Anders, Kathleen Gommi
Outstanding Educator; Jennifer O'Toole

Carson Elementary:
Golden Acorn; Marc Bernson
Outstanding Advocate; Lindsey Carlson

Edgerton Elementary:
Golden Acorn; Barb Moss, Donnell Parton, Evelynn McManus, Ashley Cole, Michelle Keaton

Firgrove Elementary:
Golden Acorn; Stacey Reeves
Outstanding Educator; Nancy Walker
Outstanding Advocate; Wendy Lacombe

Fruitland Elementary:
Golden Acorn; Heather Ebner, Tara Yoder

Glacier View Junior High:
Golden Acorn; Bernandine Keaton

Hunt Elementary:
Golden Acorn; Jill Setera
Outstanding Educator; Debbie Belivil
Shay Painter

Karshner Elementary:
Golden Acorn; Geri Ruiz

Maplewood Elementary:
Golden Acorn; Tara Stevens, Julie Fosnick

Meeker Elementary:
Golden Acorn; Casi Messineo
Outstanding Advocate; Chris Marcoe

Mt. View Elementary:
Golden Acorn; Marylee Avila

Northwood Elementary:
Golden Acorn; Kathy Horton-Massoth, Kristy Lockard

Pope Elementary:
Golden Acorn; Kim Calavan
Outstanding Educator; Jennifer Iverson
Outstanding Advocate; Beth Bailey
Outstanding Support; Robert Knighten

Ridgecrest Elementary:
Golden Acorn; Lindsay Fredrickson, Nancy Peterson
Outstanding Educator; Karen Smith, Louis Tibbs
Outstanding Advocate; Susan Stout, Katherine Smith

Shaw Road Elementary:
Golden Acorn; Carmen Bosch, Debbie Nino

Stewart Elementary:
Golden Acorn; Shawn Harris, Melinda Jobst

Sunrise Elementary:
Golden Acorn; Keysha Kapenda, Ann Bennett

Wildwood Elementary:
Golden Acorn; Laura Beste
Outstanding Educator; Carol Johnson

Woodland Elementary:
Golden Acorn; Tammie Bredeson, Amy Garza
Outstanding Advocate; Kathy Meyer
Outstanding Educator; Jeana Wolff

Zeiger Elementary:
Golden Acorn; Rose Harrison, Jamie Mauga

Source: Puyallup PTA Council

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