Highly Capable Request for Testing online application
Highly Capable Request for Testing online application
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Form: Highly Capable Request for Testing online application
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Status: Draft
Application for Highly Capable

This online application is the first step in consideration for the Highly Capable program.  
The program encompasses all K-12 students.  

Please see the Instruction and Learning Highly Capable calendar for deadlines on application submittal.  

The permission for testing form (bottom of this application) must be completed and returned for consideration.

(required) 1. Date: MM/DD/YY
(required) 2. Student's Last Name
(required) 3. Student's First Name
(required) 4. Current School
(required) 5. Current Grade Level
(required) 6. Current Teacher (for elementary age students)
7. Language Spoken at Home?
(required) 8. Date of Birth MM/DD/YY
(required) 9. Gender
10. Ethnicity
Hispanic/Latino of any race
American Indian/Alaska Native
Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander
Black or African American
Not Provided
Two or More
(required) 11. Parent or Guardian Name
(required) 12. Street address
(required) 13. City, State
(required) 14. Zip code

Guardian email address

(required) 16.


17. Are there any factors which may affect your child's ability to take tests?  If yes, please explain.  Please list any life threatening allergies or medical conditions.
(required) 18. Does your child need special testing acommodations as specified in a 504 or IEP?
(required) 19. Has your child been tested for a highly capable program in the past year?
Highly Capable Permission for Testing
Please print out attached permission for testing.  Once completed, please either scan or email form to zimmerka@puyallup.k12.wa.us.  You may also mail to:
Puyallup School District - Highly Capable
302 2nd St SE
Puyallup, WA 98372

Please call 253-841-8646 with any questions

We will not be able to consider your child for testing until this form has been received.
Permission for Testing.pdf

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