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05-20-14: Team to explore highly rigorous academic program options
05-20-14: Team to explore highly rigorous academic program options
Posted on 05/20/2013

A 17-member team of students, parents, community members, and educators has been formed to develop highly rigorous academic program options in grades 10 through 12 as an alternative to the traditional comprehensive high school experience.


The “High School Academic Options Lead Team” will begin meeting on May 28 and plans to submit a report of its work and recommendations to the school board in October.


The district spent time earlier this school year meeting on North Hill with families, including parents of students identified as highly capable, to explore the idea of opening an international school for grades 10-12 on the Edgemont Junior High campus.


The lead team will build on that research by exploring a “best fit” for the Edgemont Junior High campus and community, according to the scope of work listed in its charter.


The newly formed group is also being charged with presenting the school board with a list of options explored during its meetings. When possible, the report will include an explanation of the benefits and challenges of each option.


Additionally, the newly formed group will consider research under way by a study group made up of junior high and high school educators. The Secondary Highly Capable Study Group has been exploring the possibility of initiating an International Baccalaureate (IB) program in this district.


The study group has already toured several Washington schools that offer the international education program and attended an IB training workshop.


Membership for the new High School Academic Options Lead Team includes:


Student Representative: Brady Berg, ninth grader at Kalles Junior High

Student Representative: Alden Davison, seventh grader at Kalles Junior High

Community Representative: Don Mooney

Community Representative: Tana Hasert

Community Representative: Cliff Allo

Community Representative: David Olson

Teacher Representative: David Heagle, Carson Elementary

Teacher Representative: Billie Lane, Kalles Junior High

Teacher Representative: Amy Looker, Aylen Junior High

Teacher Representative: Kris Susee, Edgemont Junior High

Teacher Representative: Annette Burnett, Puyallup High

Counselor Representative: Keva Jordan, Kalles Junior High

Administrative Representative: Jack Widmann, Glacier View Junior High assistant principal in 2014-15

Administrative Representative: Kevin Hampton, Carson Elementary principal in 2013-14 and Edgemont Junior High principal in 2014-15

Administrative Representative: Eric Molver, Mt. View Elementary principal

District Representative: Brian Lowney, chief academic officer of Regional Learning Community #3

District Representative: Mark Vetter, director of instructional leadership