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Military Leave
Military Leave

All employees who are members of, or who are in the process of enlisting for, any of the United States uniformed services are eligible for military duty leave.

The District follows the federal Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) and Washington state law, which offer certain rights to employees in the uniformed services. 

    Leave may be taken for military requirements such as:

     • Active duty

     • Training and drills

     • Physical examination

     • Funeral honors duty

    You will not be denied employment, reemployment, promotion, or other benefits of employment because of your membership — or application for membership — in any of the U.S. uniformed services.

    Notice of your leave for service 

    Please give your immediate supervisor as much advance notice as possible of your service dates. Please also notify the Human Resources Leave and Accommodations Analyst with your request for leave. All military leave requests must be accompanied with a copy of your military orders. All military leaves will be reviewed with consideration of the federal Family Medical Leave ActCollective Bargaining Agreements and Board policy.

    Pay while on leave

    The District will pay up to 21 workdays per year for military leave for all employees. Please refer to the District's Board Policy regarding pay while on military leave. A military leave year runs from October 1 to September 30 in accordance with the federal fiscal year.

    Beyond the paid 21 days, military duty leave is unpaid for the rest of your time in active duty, for up to five years. However, you may use any accrued paid leave that you have available during this time. Please communicate with the Human Resources Leave and Accommodations Analyst and your immediate supervisor to regarding your intent to use paid leave accrual during an active military leave.