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PSD’s Newest and Reaccredited National Board Certified Staff
PSD’s Newest and Reaccredited National Board Certified Staff
Posted on 02/22/2023
PSD’s Newest and Reaccredited National Board Certified Staff

Through the National Board for Professionals Teaching Standards (NBPTS), the National Board Certification advances, retains, and acknowledges proficient educators to produce continuous improvement in schools and is the most distinguished professional K-12 certification in the country.
According to NBPTS website, the certification process requires candidates to exhibit a deep understanding of their students, content knowledge, use of data and assessments, teaching practice, participation in learning communities, and provide evidence of ongoing reflection and continuous learning.

Puyallup School District currently employs over 160 teachers and educational staff associates who are National Board Certified. Also, PSD ranks in the top 25 out of 295 Washington state school districts that employ National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT).

Recently, Firgrove Elementary 6th Grade Teacher Heather Carnine became the newest NBCT in the district.

Below are PSD Staff who recently renewed their National Board Certification:

  • Catilin Arian - 6th Grade Teacher at Meeker Elementary
  • Brittany Ashbaugh - Special Education Teacher at Woodland Elementary
  • Cristeen Bassett - 6th Grade Teacher at Dessie Evans Elementary
  • Jacqueline Bridges - Counselor at Dessie Evans Elementary 
  • Alyssa Cummings - Resource Teacher at Firgrove Elementary
  • Megan Esp - 3rd Grade Teacher at Hunt Elementary
  • Cheryl Hendricks - Kindergarten Teacher at Ridgecrest Elementary
  • Christina Lindner - 5th Grade Teacher at Shaw Road Elementary 
  • Stacy Mains - Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) at Glacier View Junior High
  • Eric Paul - Math Teacher at Emerald Ridge High School
  • Amy Query - Math Teacher at Rogers High School
  • Rebecca Snell - Spanish Teacher at Kalles Junior High
  • Erin Stacy - 5th Grade Teacher at Sunrise Elementary
  • Kayla Stokes - 2nd Grade Teacher at Firgrove Elementary
  • Catherine Uy - Career and Technical Education TOSA
  • Aaron Watt - Health and P.E. Teacher at Ferrucci Junior high
  • Victoria Watt - English Teacher at Ferrucci Junior high 
  • Emily Williams - Counselor at Puyallup High School

Congratulations to our staff on this amazing accomplishment!

Learn more about the NBPTS here.