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Meet Your 2023 PSD Daffodil Princesses
Meet Your 2023 PSD Daffodil Princesses
Posted on 11/08/2022
2023 PSD Daffodil Princesses

Congratulations to Puyallup School District Daffodil Princesses! Last month, three high school seniors were selected to represent Puyallup School District in the Annual Daffodil Royal Court. 

(L-R: Alena Haynes - Puyallup High School
Hope Isom – Rogers High School, Kaitlyn Cotton - Emerald Ridge High School)

The Daffodil Royal Court makes up 24 students from participating Pierce County High Schools. The selected community representatives are crowned as Daffodil Princesses, gaining invaluable lessons and experiences, developing public speaking skills, tact and poise while also gaining self-confidence through the interactions with their community.

Each Daffodil Princess is looking forward to serving as a young leader in the community. 

"Something that I'm most looking forward to is getting to connect to the people of our community," Isom said. And represent the Puyallup School District as well as Rogers High School in those endeavors and have some fun while doing it."

"I am very excited to just bring a different light and joy in this community," Haynes said. "I am just excited to be there and connect with my community on a deeper level and meet some wonderful and amazing people."

"I’m hoping to be a voice for the lesser-known programs in our schools," Cotton said. "And also, for the kid who feel like they don’t have a voice.”

The Daffodil Festival will celebrate their 90th anniversary of serving the community with the theme 90 Years Around the Sound on Saturday, Apr. 1, 2023.