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PSD News Update - Friday, Sept. 9
PSD News Update - Friday, Sept. 9
Posted on 09/09/2022
PSD News Update - Friday, Sept. 9

COVID Notifications 

We remain committed to keeping our community informed of positive COVID cases impacting schools and district facilities, while protecting the privacy of individuals. Schools are still required to communicate positive COVID cases for the 2022-23 school year, however the way in which staff and families will be notified will change. 
The COVID Dashboard located on the district website is updated on a weekly basis with positive COVID case counts and locations. Staff and families are encouraged to bookmark this webpage and check for weekly updates to be informed of positive cases in schools. 

Families with students who test positive for COVID-19 are required to notify the school nurse; employees are to contact their immediate supervisor and email [email protected]. 


PSD Family University 

Many district tools and platforms exist for families and understanding how to operate and navigate each one may be challenging. In response to this, Puyallup School District has created Family University, a collection of quick-tip videos and resources for families and students. Family University helps students and parents get up-to-speed on a variety of district-sponsored tools and platforms.  


Athletic Events Update 

Spectator Expectations  Spectators at all athletic events this year will see an emphasis on fan behavior that promotes positive support of your team and all competitors, coaches and officials.  Code of Ethics/Expectations for Spectators 

    • - Attempts to understand and be informed of the playing rules.
    • - Appreciates a good play no matter who makes it.  
    • - Cooperates with and responds enthusiastically to cheerleaders/dance team.  
    • - Shows compassion for an injured player; applauds positive performance; does not heckle, jeer or distract players; and avoids use of profane and obnoxious language and behavior.  
    • - Respects the judgment and strategy of the coach and does not criticize players or coaches for loss of game.  
    • - Respects property of others and authority of those who administer the competition.  
    • - Censures those whose behavior is unbecoming.  
    • - Respects officials and accepts their decisions without gesture or argument. 

The schools of the South Puget Sound League prohibit noisemakers, including but not limited to items such as:  drums, horns, megaphones, radios, cow bells, thunder sticks and the discharge of confetti during all athletic contests.  Sparks Stadium Procedures  Beginning the 2022-23 school year, the Puyallup School District is updating requirements for guests who attend large events at Sparks Stadium and other venues to match those of surrounding school districts. Youth in grades 8 and below who attend school-sponsored events, such as football games, must be accompanied by an adult. If they attempt to gain admittance without a parent, they will be turned away. 
Read the full list of athletic events updates, find game schedules, ticket prices and more here. 


Free/Reduced Priced Meals Application 

All currently eligible families will need to reapply for meal benefits in September. Additional benefits and reduced fees are available for families who qualify through this application. Qualified students may also obtain reduced fees for ASB cards, student device coverage protection, athletic fees and more. Those who believe they may qualify, should also apply for benefits when school starts to receive available fee reductions. 

Required for Grades 9-12: If your child qualifies for free and reduced-price meals, families are required to submit aConsent to Share survey to receive athletic and participation fee waivers.