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Special Message from the PSD School Board
Special Message from the PSD School Board
Posted on 05/27/2022

Dear Puyallup School District Community,

 This week, our national school community experienced yet another indescribable loss at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. There are simply no words to describe the pain that we collectively feel in our hearts for all of those affected by this tragedy. 

 While this event may have taken place over 2,000 miles away, whenever there is school violence, it causes fear and anxiety for our own students, staff, parents, and family members. Attempting to process this is challenging enough for adults and even more difficult for students. As you support your student and family, please know that our entire staff stands ready to support you. Please reach out to your school or the District Office for any additional resources you may need. 

 Our school district remains committed to physical and emotional safety. Schools have secured single points of entry and visitors are required to show identification in order to gain access. In addition, our schools regularly train for a variety of emergency situations. We regularly collaborate with law enforcement partners to review response plans and facilitate emergency preparedness exercises to ensure our efforts continue to evolve and reflect the needs of our school community. Our district and school leaders are constantly refining school security protocols, outlining step-by-step measures to address safety and security concerns in coordination with our school resource officers, local law enforcement agencies, and first responders. Our partnership with them is key.

 We have a collective responsibility to school safety. One of the most important actions we can do to keep schools safe is to report anything concerning.  If you or your student hears or sees something - say something. You can do this by reporting any concerns directly to your school, district office, law enforcement directly, or our anonymous SafeSchools Alert reporting system.

 Puyallup School District Board of Directors