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K-12 Vesey/Munson Art Show Winners
K-12 Vesey/Munson Art Show Winners and Photo Gallery
Posted on 05/26/2022
The Annual K-12 Vesey/Munson Art Show featuring incredible artwork from students across the district was held on May 13-18. An awards reception for the student artists was held on May 18, with awards handed out for 1st-5th places and honorable mentions in several categories. Additionally, special awards were presented for Superintendent’s Awards and Best in Show Awards. Below is a list of all of the award winners. We hope you’ll join us in congratulating them for their incredible work!

Superintendent’s Award Elementary – Lorenzo Edwards, Hunt Elementary 6th Grade

Superintendent’s Award Secondary -Olivia DeBoer, Rogers High School, 11th Grade

Best of Show Elementary – Sam Backus, Sunrise Elementary, 3rd Grade

Best of Show Secondary – Sarah Osher, Puyallup High School 10th Grade

Best of Show 3 Dimensional – Jaxson Husman, Woodland Elementary, 4th grade

Elementary K-3

1st Place – Amarise Zetterburg, Wildwood, 1st

2nd Place – Eleanor Hernandez, Sunrise, 3rd

3rd Place – Cadence Klain, Ridgecrest, 1st

4th Place – Jisha Prasad, Maplewood, 2nd

5th Place – Asher McLeod, Ridgecrest, 1st

Honorable Mentions

Isla Davis, Shaw Road, K

Paula Ramiez Gomez, Pope, 2nd

Colton Smith, Sunrise, 1st

Kyre Robinson, Wildwood, 1st

Ava Hawkinds, Northwood, 2nd

Kim Wadsworth , Fruitland, 3rd

Audrey Hayden, Pope, 1st

Elementary 4-6

1st Place – Scarlett Perrin, Grade, Shaw Rd, 5th

2nd Place – Guilians Kurkov, Woodland, 6th

3rd Place – Maya Nuon, Maplewood, 6th

4th Place – Louisa Snider, Maplewood, 6th

4th Place—Ava Gonzalez, Shaw Rd, 5th

5th Place – Tyler Cline, Sunrise, 6th

Honorable Mentions:

Kai Kimura, Brouillet, 6th

Laurel Rossels, Fruitland, 4th

Zenzie Zacher, Fruitland, 4th

Juliana Brown, Pope, 4th

Johnathon Hendricks, Pope, 4th

Ilie Jerome, Pope, 4th

Jessica Rice, Edgerton, 5th

Kadence Hjelm, Dessie Evans, 4th

Miri Grabruski, Shaw Road, 5th

Sophie Anchodo Morales, Sunrise, 5th

Aliaina Johnson, Zeiger, 5th

Alijah Lingley Meyer, Hunt, 6th

Lilly Hastings, Hunt, 6th

Ashley Herring, Carson, 6th


Black and White Drawing

1st Place – Sophie Vega, Puyallup HS, 10th

2nd Place – Logan Rausch, Puyallup HS, 10th

3rd Place – Ariana Gentile, Ballou JH, 8th

3rd Place – Calvin McDonald, Rogers HS, 12th

4th Place – Natalia Leuizzi, Emerald Ridge, HS, 12th

5th Place – Isabel Deboer, Rogers HS, 11th

Honorable Mentions:

Faith Conn, Emerald Ridge HS, 10th

Ivy Herrador, Ballou JH, 7th

Brook Elmore, Emerald Ridge HS, 11th

Ashlyn Galloway, Emerald Ridge HS, 11th

Color Drawing

1st Place – Grace Karns, Puyallup HS, 12th

2nd Place – Eilidh McDonald, Stahl JH, 9th

3rd Place – Klarissa Haro, Rogers HS, 10th

4th Place – Ashley Wilkenson, Emerald Ridge HS, 11th

Honorable Mentions:

Ozzie Musselman, Aylen JH, 7th

Mathew Murry, Stahl JH, 8th

Faith Weston, Emerald Ridge HS, 10th

Sophia Moore, Stahl JH, 7th


1st Place – Kylie Archer, Aylen JH, 8th

2nd Place – Arlette Hernandez, Rogers HS, 12th

3rd Place – Ivan Kubai, Aylen JH, 9th

Honorable Mention – Cohen Russell, Aylen JH, 9th

Mixed Media

1st Place – Angelmay Liguete, Emerald Ridge HS, 12th

3rd Place – Liliana Andrade, Stahl JH, 7th

2nd Place – Atalie Gaydarzhi, Ballou JH, 8 th

4th Place – Dina Kun, Rogers HS, 11th

Honorable Mentions:

Nolan Robison, Emerald Ridge HS, 10th

Eliana Taylor, Ferrucci JH, 7th

Uriel Godinez, Aylen JH, 7th

Three Dimensional

1st Place – Gillian Ward, Rogers HS, 11th

2nd Place – Keilani Pike, Roger HS, 12th

3rd Place – Gianna Puliatano-Ahrens, Puyallup HS, 12th

3rd Place – Sarah Osher, Puyallup HS, 10th

4th Place – Xin Wang – Emerald Ridge HS, 12th

Honorable Mentions:

Joy Blasko, Rogers HS, 12th

Kaylee Carver, Rogers HS, 11th

Eira Felber, Emerald Ridge HS, 12th


1st Place – Joy Kwok, Rogers HS, 10th

2nd Place – Samantha Mattich, Emerald Ridge HS, 11th

3rd Place - Luke Cerio, Rogers HS, 12th

4th Place – Nolan Robison, Emerald Ridge HS, 10th

Honorable Mentions:

Skyler Verhoeven, Emerald Ridge HS, 10th

Emma Garrett, Emerald Ridge HS, 11th