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Stakeholder Surveys: Spring Administration Window
Stakeholder Surveys: Spring Administration Window
Posted on 05/11/2022

Now through June 3, stakeholder input surveys will be administered to families, staff, and students that will continue to help us identify strengths and opportunities for growth. These surveys will be conducted twice a year. As you may know, we also surveyed stakeholders this past December. Those results can be found here. Spring provides another opportunity for us to measure student perceptions of teaching and learning, culture and climate, and student experiences in the classroom and school. 

How to Access:

·       • Families can access the survey hereIf you have trouble accessing by clicking the link, copy and paste the following link into your web browser:

·       • Student surveys will be administered in class May 9 - June 3.  

Thank you in advance for your participation. The survey data that is collected will help us make meaningful changes in schools. Learning environments that foster inclusive education, professional learning, and celebrate a diverse student population and workforce is a collective responsibility. Your feedback will help us improve learning environments, provide systems of support, and continue to graduate students who are happy, strong, and ready to take on the world.