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Celebrating 2022 Retirees
Celebrating Retirees 2022
Posted on 06/09/2021

Join us in extending our gratitude and congratulations to all of this year’s Puyallup School District Retirees! In total, they have contributed 1,795 years of service to the of students, staff, families, and community members of our district. The positive impact they have had on the lives of so many cannot be overstated. While they will be retiring from our school district, their legacy work will carry on in the lives of those they have supported and inspired. Our retirees will be celebrated during the school board meeting scheduled for June 21 at 6 p.m. at Ballou Junior High.

List of 2021-2022 Retirees:

Name   Position Location Years of Service
*JOYCE ALVAREZ Teacher Edgemont JH 29.84
*SUSANNAH ARMSTRONG Teacher Pope Elementary 38.83
HELEN BEAN Teacher Mt. View Elementary 15.73
MARIA BISTODEAU Custodian Hunt Elementary 33.79
JACKI BROWNING Office Professional Rogers HS 18.76
ROBIN BUFFELEN Application Analyst EdTec 23.56
*ROBIN BUXTON HS On Time Grad Specialist Emerald Ridge HS 8.69
*RONALD CARON Technician  EdTec 17.35
THERESA CRANSTON Teacher Fruitland Elementary 31.84
*BRIAN CURTIS Principal Shaw Road Elementary 23.84
*THERESA CURTISS Culinary Department Head Central Kitchen 29.33
MARY CVETICH Teacher Ridgecrest Elementary 16.83
DEBORAH DRUGGE Teacher Shaw Road Elementary 22.81
CLAIRE ELLIS Elementary Librarian Wildwood Elementary 26.45
NANCY FRENCH Communication Coordinator ESC 20.91
*GARY FRENTRESS Exec. Director - Capital Projects Facilities Dept. 17.55
MARGARET GALANIN Teacher Stewart Elementary 4.84
*EVA GREEN Teacher Dessie Evans Elementary 33.31
FRED GREER Bus Mechanic Transportation 42.83
SCOTT HATT Utility Crew Foreman Facilities Dept. 33.67
GARY HIGGINBOTHAM Bus Driver Transportation Dept. 7.36
*CHRISTI HORTON Teacher Emerald Ridge HS 35.84
PAULA HUFF Teacher Firgrove Elementary 3.89
SANDY IVERSEN App. Data Server Administrator EdTec 27.83
DONNA JENSEN Support Center Para-Educator Kalles JH 23.17
REBECCA KAYNER Secondary Cook Manager Food Service 22.66
CONNIE KENDALL Para-Educator Edgerton Elementary 8.66
TAMARA KENNEDY Para-Educator Northwood Elementary 4.24
DIANE KING Teacher Rogers HS 25.92
PATRICIA KRAWCZYK SPED Resource Para-Educator Puyallup HS 19.00
NANCY KREUGER Tech Library Para-Educator Mt. View Elementary 35.75
CATHERINE LINDSAY Custodian Operations Dept. 29.88
*TERESA LOCKEY Teacher Ballou JH 35.84
*MARY ANN LOUCKS Teacher Meeker Elementary 35.84
MARCIA MADSEN Teacher Woodland Elementary 29.24
CHARLOTTE MARGO Bus Driver Transportation Dept. 20.40
*MARY MATHIESEN Teacher Pope Elementary 27.83
RILLA MATTSON Teacher Woodland Elementary 31.84
DEBORAH MCGINNIS Custodian Operations Dept. 23.58
JOELL MEEK Regional Supervisor Transportation Dept. 35.41
NANCY MORRISON Bus Driver Transportation 22.69
*STEPHANIE MORTON Teacher Firgrove Elementary 38.83
*KAREN MOTLEY Library Para-Educator Dessie Evans Elementary 26.17
DOLORES NORTON Lead Server Food Service 16.84
NANCY OLIVER Office Professional Facilities Dept. 31.21
SHERRI OWEN Teacher Kalles JH 33.85
SVEN PALM Bus Driver Transportation Dept. 13.83
DARRELL PETORAK Specialist Planner Maintenance 30.19
JENNIFER PICARDO Teacher Emerald Ridge HS 5.83
KATHRYN PLEVYAK Asst. Dept. Head  Central Kitchen 26.83
EMANUELA RICHARD Bus Driver Transportation Dept. 16.18
CHERYL ROY Kitchen Helper Ballou JH 32.83
BARBARA SAFFORD Cashier Central Kitchen 33.44
THOMAS SHIELDS Const. Project Mgmt. Spec. Facilities Dept. 16.87
*PATRICIA SILTALA Speech Language Pathologist Special Services 15.83
MARY SMART LAP Para-Educator Mt. View Elementary 7.44
*SUSAN SNOKE LAP Para-Educator Stewart Elementary 33.17
SYLVIA SNOW Office Professional Puyallup HS 13.14
JULIE   SPEAKS Facilities Operations Manager Brouillet Elementary 37.58
CAROL STANFORD Facilities Operations Manager Hunt Elementary 16.39
MARSHA STEWART Office Manager Ridgecrest Elementary 30.76
PATRICIA TIBBITTS School Nurse Health Services 28.84
 LARRY TURNER CTE Teacher  PHS  30.84
*SUSAN TURNER Teacher Shaw Road Elementary 33.80
NANCY VELAZQUEZ Teacher / Gifted Coordinator QUEST 41.84
MARK VETTER Dir. Innovative Learning Tech. EdTec 39.01
CHERYL VINCENT Para-Educator Hunt Elementary 19.71
*ANDREW VINIARSKI Teacher Emerald Ridge HS 17.84
MYONG WARD Facilities Operations Manager Rogers HS 30.00
SHARON WASSON Lead Helper Central Kitchen 11.26
WILLIAM WERNOFSKY Teacher Rogers HS 23.84
*DOROTHY WILGUS Counselor Edgerton Elementary 23.83
*SUSAN WILLIAMS Elementary Librarian Fruitland Elementary 31.72
*MARY WORTHEN Teacher Aylen JH 29.74
*LINNEA WRIGHT Office Professional Rogers HS 26.61

*Indicates confirmed attendance at June 21 Retiree Recognition

If you are a retiree not listed or need to confirm attendance at the June 21 event, please email [email protected]