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K-5 Reading Curriculum Review Opportunities
K-5 Reading Curriculum Review Opportunities
Posted on 04/07/2022

As part of a new K-5 reading curriculum adoption process, families and community members are invited to review the recommended curriculum’s materials and resources. Two curriculum review nights are scheduled below to review Amplify CKLA's K-5 reading curriculum.

  • • April 19 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at Firgrove Elementary, 13918 Meridian Ave. E 

  • • April 27 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at Karshner Center Museum, 309 4th St. NE


Information on the curriculum will be presented and include opportunities for feedback on the materials and resources. We hope you’ll join us!
The curriculum can also be reviewed online
here from April 18-29. Additionally, hard copies of the curriculum can be reviewed at the Education Service Center, 302 2nd St. SE, from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. through April 27.
Answers to frequently asked questions are also provided below.

How did you choose this program?

The process to select this program started two years ago.  We used both internal and external resources to review the most highly rated, research-based core reading/writing programs.  Our Advisory Team (comprised of teachers, building leaders and district directors) narrowed down our choices using checklists and rubrics aligned with our essential criteria.  Two programs were then field-tested by 44 teachers in our district, representing grades K-5.

Following the field test, we carefully reviewed feedback from teachers and students related to the program, including:

  • • Do the instructional materials support high-quality instruction based in the science of reading?
  • • Does the material and instruction engage students?
  • • Are the teacher planning and preparation requirements reasonable?
  • • Do the instructional materials support students at all levels?

Who is involved in the process?

All stakeholders will have a role in our selection process:

  • • Our Advisory Team is made up of teachers, paraeducators, specialists, building principals, instructional coaches, and district directors.
  • • Families will have the opportunity to preview and comment on instructional materials.
  • • Our Instructional Materials Committee (made up of parents, teachers, building principals, and district leadership) has reviewed and approved the Advisory Teams recommendations for programs selected for field testing.
  • • Our elected Board of Directors will be asked to approve the recommended curriculum.

What other programs did you review?

  • • MyView (Savvas)
  • • Into Reading (HMH)
  • • Wonders 2020 (McGraw Hill)
  • • ARC Core (American Reading Company)
  • • ReadyGEN (Savvas)
  • • EL Education (Learn Zillion)
  • • Wit and Wisdom (Great Minds)
  • • Open Court Reading (McGraw Hill)
  • • Superkids (Zaner-Bloser)