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Congratulations PDL Graduates
Congratulations Puyallup Digital Learning Graduates
Posted on 03/30/2022
A special graduation ceremony for Puyallup Digital Learning’s mid-year graduates took place on March 18 at the Kessler Center. Congratulations to the 21 graduates who were celebrated for their high school completion!

Puyallup Digital Learning (or PDL) is made up of three programs: Puyallup Parent Partnership Program (P4), Puyallup Online Academy (POA), and Puyallup Open Door program (POD). Each of the programs serves students in a unique way. PDL has grown from 19 students when it began in 2013-14 to 677 students currently enrolled in the Puyallup Online Academy and Puyallup Open Door program. The growth of PDL and the impact on students’ lives is a story of success. It has filled a gap that allows those who are not able to complete high school to have a second chance, students who have circumstances or special needs that interfere with traditional school to have another option, and a choice for students who want to advance their learning and possibly graduate early.