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Seeking Volunteers for Statements
Seeking Volunteers to write ‘For’ and ‘Against’ Statements
Posted on 11/22/2021
Volunteers Raising Hands

The Puyallup  School District is seeking volunteers who are interested in writing “for” or “against” statements for inclusion in the Pierce County Voters’ Pamphlet. The statements relate to the district’s upcoming Replacement Educational Programs & Operation Levy and Capital Levy measures that will appear on the Feb. 8, 202ballot.

The Pierce County Elections Division requires that all districts appoint persons known to favor the measures to serve on the “for” committee, and also to appoint persons known to oppose the measures to serve on the “against” committee.

Individuals from the community who wish to participate on either committee must submit this form to the Communication Department by 5 p.m. on Nov. 26.  Priority will be given to the applications first received and those residing in district boundaries.  

The Puyallup School District Board of Directors will take action on the appointments at the Dec. Board Meeting. The district will notify successful candidates of their committee appointments on Dec. and provide instructions on the statement requirements and deadlines.

Prop 1 Explanatory Statement: Replacement Educational Programs and Operations Levy 

Prop 2 Explanatory Statement: Capital Levy