Advanced Placement Update
Advanced Placement Update
Posted on 03/22/2020

Advanced Placement (AP) Update for our Students and Families:


PSD Schools are scheduled to be closed for six weeks (March 16-April 24) in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our AP students have scheduled and paid for AP exams to be taken this spring (test dates TBD).  


Our goal during the closure is to prepare students for success on the AP exam.  Students will need to complete any incomplete units of instruction that students will need to learn prior to taking the AP exam this Spring.  Additionally, students will need instructional review on previous learning in order to be successful on the AP exams.  Students and teachers will need to conduct two-way, question/answer review of instruction during this closure. Additionally, students will be expected to access College Board Online Reviews that are being created in response to school closures.

Instructional Plan:

  • • Each Monday teachers will send out weekly plan through Schoology & HAC email.
  • • Teachers will upload resources, video and/or assignments 3 days per week as needed.
  • • Teachers should be available for webinar question & answer twice/week.
  • • Grading…we do not assign grades for work students complete, but it is best practice to provide feedback.  Students need our critique of their work, especially their writing.


  • • AP Classroom is a primary vehicle to access resources for student prep.
  • • College Board is planning to make video lessons available to AP students in the near future…March 25th target.
  • • Zoom videoconferencing software is available for teachers and students to video conference.
  • • Hotspots for those students without connection to the internet are on order (100 hotspots scheduled to arrive in 2-4 weeks).

College Board Updates: