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Pathway between City and District
Pathway between City and District
Posted on 10/25/2017

In a recent showing of the partnership between Puyallup School District and the City of Puyallup a gateway was built between city hall and the school district administrative offices. The walkway between the two buildings symbolizes the connection and positive relationship that exists between the two.

“We’re partners in so much of what we do with students and staff in Puyallup and the walkway allows for easier access between us,” said Superintendent Tim Yeomans.

The fence between the two buildings was opened up and a walkway was constructed as a joint venture between the City of Puyallup Public Works and the Puyallup School District Operations departments.

“We’ve collaborated together on the design and installation of the walkway. Some of our own employees began the project and then the city’s crew put the last little touches on it,” said the district’s Chief Operations Officer Mario Casello.

Our two organizations, the Puyallup School District and the City of Puyallup, play important roles within our community.  The work and support for students, staff and the community, as a whole, from both organizations is key to the success for many.  So our partnership and collaboration together is imperative for our community.  This walkway is just a symbol of our partnership and connection together,” said Casello. 

Devin Konsmo