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Department of Health Air Quality Index
Local Air Quality Index (Updated 9/8/17)
Posted on 09/06/2017

The Washington Department of Health has reported the local air quality index on Friday, September 8 as 70, deeming it “moderate."


In Puyallup schools, building principals will continue to Air Quality Indexrespond to concerns on a case-by-case basis using the following recommendations from the health departments:


 - Recess (15 min): Keep students with asthma, respiratory infection, and lung or heart disease indoors.

 - PE: Keep students with asthma, respiratory infection, lung or heartdisease, and diabetes indoors. Limit these students to moderate activities. Forothers, limit to light outdoor activities. Allow any student to stay indoors if they don't want to go outside.

 - Athletic Events and practices (Vigorous activity 2-3 hours): Students with asthma, respiratory infection, lung or heart disease, or conditions like diabetes shouldn't play outdoors. Consider moving events indoors. If events are not cancelled, increase rest periods and substitutions to allow lower breathing rates.


As always, students with asthma should follow their current Care Plans and any student with respiratory complaints should be sent to the health room to be properly assessed by the school nurse.