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Athletics in Puyallup School District
Athletics in Puyallup School District
Posted on 01/18/2018

With an enrollment of nearly 23,000 students, almost one out of every four students participate in athletics in the Puyallup School District.

In the 2016-17 school year, 5,100 students from grades seven through 12 dedicated their time to one sports season or more in addition to their studies.

Athletics can play an integral role in engaging students in their school and their studies. Student-athletes can get opportunities to build positive relationships with peers and coaches, as well as build valuable character traits that can help them later in life.

Puyallup high school baseball player, Brady Mclean said, “As a student, athletics helped me get more involved in school past just the grades, and to learn what ‘team’ really was. After playing with this team for so long I learned they are more than just guys out on the field with me.”

Rick Wells, director of instructional leadership – athletics, health, and fitness, said,” Students who participate in athletics are typically developing strong character traits such as teamwork and discipline; but student-athletes may also cultivate traits in leadership, dedication, and overcoming adversities.”

In addition, athletics can provide further opportunities for students who seek scholarships in their sport to go towards their post-high school education at a university or college.

Puyallup High School swimmer Joseph Fitzsimmons stated, “Athletics helped me strive to do better in academics because of learning balance between school and swimming, and it also helped me create a good work ethic.”

Fitzsimmons is going to go to Concordia University to pursue a career as a physician assistant and signed a letter of intent with Concordia University in November.

Rogers Swim Meet

Athletics is one of several educational programs that are supported by voter-approved local levy dollars. Educational programs such as arts, music, and athletics are funded with local levy dollars.

Levy dollars are not used to build new schools or for capital projects. They are part of the district’s operating budget. The levy supports educational programs; day-to-day operations; maintains basic health, safety, and security; and on-going facility maintenance of Puyallup schools.

The Educational Programs Replacement Levy would allow key programs such as arts, athletics, and necessary facility maintenance and operations to continue for the next four years.

More information on the proposed levy, including Frequently Asked Questions, can be found on the School Levy Election page on the district’s website.

Supporting student-athletes is more than just filling a seat at a game or a match. It is supporting students who are dedicating themselves to their team and their school as well as their studies.

Whether you are a student, parent, or community member we invite you to attend some of the various games and matches throughout the school year in support of Puyallup students.

Please visit the athletics and activities page on the district website for more information on upcoming games and events.