The classroom of the future in Puyallup
The classroom of the future in Puyallup
Posted on 02/28/2017
As part of the Empowering Puyallup initiative, the Educational Engagement and Technology Center (EdTec) has partnered with the PSD Operations Department to develop two model "Classrooms of the future" at Edgerton Elementary School.

The learning environment being developed is for implementation at each of the five construction projects as part of the construction bond approved by voters in November 2015.

The elementary classroom of the future will include:

- classroom sets of computers
- two wall mounted charging stations
- two LCD panels
- wi-fi saturation
- an Acer 2 in 1 tablet for the teacher
- ability to de-tether from the desktop
- monitor and full-size keyboard for the teacher

To hear testimony from students in Mrs. Harrison's classroom and Mrs. Tutty's classroom, watch the five minute video below.