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PSD staff and community businesses come together to keep students safe
PSD staff and community businesses come together to keep students safe
Posted on 02/08/2017
snow plow

The winter storm which recently left its mark on our areasnow had an incredible impact on school parking lots and driveways. School was eventually canceled when it became clear the two-hour late start initially planned for Tuesday, February 7 would not provide the time necessary to adequately clear parking lots and driveways.

Thanks to the work of many, especially those working in the district operations department, school parking lots and driveways became accessible late Tuesday afternoon.

A flurry of activity began Tuesday morning as Chief Operations Officer Mario Casello explored options. 

Four district tractors were deployed to begin clearing snow and ice from school parking lots. They were joined by district maintenance crews, Facilities Operations Managers, and custodians who shoveled sidewalks and applied de-icer.

bunceSeveral building administrators jumped in to provide support and clear the ice encrusted snow creating safe walking pathways for students and staff. Stahl Junior High Principal Troy Hodge rented a Bobcat from Bunce Rentals at a discounted fee for the SJH custodian to use. 

Clearly, the teamwork provided encouragement and helped clear the pavement faster.

In addition to Bunce, several businesses in the community stepped up to assist. Corliss Resources loaned man power, as well as heavy-duty machinery to clear driveways and parking lots of snow. Land Care Incorporated also plowed several schools late into the night. Overnight, crews from Woodland Industries continued the work well into morning hours to ensure schools were ready for traffic Wednesday morning.

Teachers drove tractors to their schools to assist. Mark Miller, Spanish teacher at ERHS worked for hours on his own tractor clearing sidewalks. Career and Technical Education teacher Dave Cerio rented a Bobcat from Bunce rental at Rogers High School to plow the many sidewalks.

Director of Transportation Cathy McDaniel and her crew drove several side streets to report conditions to Pierce County in an effort to prepare for buses the next morning.

"Some jobs are not very glamorous, and some work is rarely recognized."

Typically, the general public never sees the amount of work done by hundreds of support personnel just to keep Puyallup schools running. To the men and women out in the ice and cold we say “thank you.” Some jobs are not very glamorous, and some work is rarely recognized.

Puyallup is proud of the work done by such employees and the difference they make for students every day. 

While the weather created challenging work for everyone, this was a great opportunity to see the Puyallup community at their best – helping each other. Many thanks to the businesses, community members, and district staff for coming together to make schools a safer place.