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New elementary schools progress to the design development phase
Welcome to the new Firgrove Elementary
Posted on 05/11/2017
Welcome to the new Firgrove Elementary

The Firgrove Elementary School replacement project has moved to the design development phase which begins the more detailed design process. The latest building and site designs are being presented at community meetings.

The design phase consists of:

- From the initial design of building systems the architect creates then expands the approved schematic design studies to develop a more detailed drawing illustrating other aspects of the proposed design, with help of consulting engineers.

- During this time the architect determines the general layout and overall appearance of both the project and the site. Sketches, drawings, and study models are prepared to help evaluate the ideas and concepts and set the final direction for refining the design.

- Once the size, layout, and character of the project and site are refined the architect begins to design feature elements such as stairs, cabinetry, and built-in furniture. Drawings are prepared which describe some of the important technical details.

- Plans, elevations, and sections through the building are developed. These include floor plans that show all of the spaces in the correct sizes and shapes. The outline specifications are a list of the major materials and room finishes.

- The architect then verifies the design complies with building codes and works with engineers to design the structural, mechanical, and electrical systems. During this stage, the architect usually presents the design development documents and reviews the project cost estimation with the owner so the owner can provide their input. By the end of this phase a large portion of the design work is completed.

Northwood, Sunrise, and the new elementary projects have also moved to design development. Conceptual plans will be posted in the coming weeks. Community meetings are also being held for these projects. More information can be found on the district Foundations For Our Future website, including the bond projects timeline chart.

The voter approved 2015 School Construction and Facility Improvements bond addresses the need for elementary school classroom space. It will replace Firgrove, Northwood, and Sunrise elementary schools, remodel Pope Elementary, and build a new elementary school west of Meridian on South Hill.

The new and replacement schools are intended to relieve overcrowding from continued enrollment growth in the district’s elementary schools.

Firgrove Elementary design

Firgrove Elementary drawing
Firgrove Elementary design