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Kindergartners first day of school
Kindergarten first day of school
Posted on 09/12/2016
Kindergarten first day of school

Nearly 1,500 kindergartners arrived for their first day of school on September 9. Many parents were there to hand them off to waiting staff who greeted them warmly and made sure they found their classrooms.

Kindergarten students at Stewart Elementary who rode the bus were greeted by longtime Para educator Rhonda Beers who greeted them and made sure they were escorted to the gym for an opening assembly.

Parents who arrived with their students at Meeker were greeted by Principal Patrick McGregor and had a first-day picture taken with their kindergartner. Students received name tags as parents listened to a brief message from kindergarten teachers.

The day in the classrooms began with learning how to order lunch. “Raise your hand if you brought your lunch with you,” said Kindergarten Teacher Rebecca Allen. “Can I order pancakes for lunch?” asked one of her students. Yes, she could.

Students in Mrs. Anderson’s class at Woodland Elementary invited sixth-grade visitors to read books and assist the kindergartners as they got ready to go home at the end of the day. They also colored first day of kindergarten hats to wear home.

Kindergartners at Woodland also learned an important phrase that is used in the classroom—'macaroni and cheese, everybody freeze.'

The day ended by learning who would ride the bus and who would be picked up. At Woodland Elementary kindergartners received color coded bracelets corresponding to the bus they would ride. In Mrs. Iafrati’s room each color group was asked to stand so they could look around and recognize their friends who would also ride the same bus. “I have a question. Can I ride the bus?” asked one Woodland kindergartner from Mrs. Iafrati’s room.

At the end of the day the new students went home with many new friends, lots to share with their family, and ready to return on Monday morning.