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Zeiger Elementary hosts annual career day
Zeiger Elementary hosts annual career day
Posted on 10/30/2015

What is that for? How does it fly? How many years did it take you to build it? These are some of the many questions Zeiger Elementary students were asking recently during the annual Career Day.


More than 30 community organizations and volunteers came to Zeiger Elementary on October 28 to share information on their careers and to engage the students in conversation about the work that they do.


Zeiger Principal Cari Ake explained “The purpose of career day is to be able to show students the multiple options that they could chose as a career, how their schooling is connected to their future, and that they can be, and achieve, anything they put their mind to. Hard work and determination are the keys to their success. We want to make the connection between school and their goals.”


The careers students learned about during the event included an astronaut, police and sheriff personnel from Pierce County, Tacoma police and bomb squad, and King County Air Support, the fire department, and an ambulance. The Air Force and National Guard were also on hand to talk about career choices. Students also learned from a florist, a bank, the Boy Scouts, and a nurse.


Puyallup and Rogers high school students from the Career and Technology Education programs participated to showcase the career classes available at the high schools.


The students and teachers rotated from classroom to classroom and to the outside playground area to learn about each of the careers and have the opportunity to ask questions. They watched and learned as the Tacoma police activated robotic equipment, learned about the King County Air Support while viewing the helicopter that had landed on the playfield in the morning, toured an ambulance, and tried on police jackets and a Kevlar vest.


Dr. Soyeon Yi, a Korean Scientist and the first Korean in space, wore her uniform decorated with the Korean flag. Dr. Yi spent nine days in space carrying out experiments. She informed the students that an astronaut represents their country, not themselves. They learned about the length of time it takes to become an astronaut and the different jobs astronauts perform in space, such as ‘driving’ the spacecraft or performing experiments.


John Parker, chief academic officer of region 2, toured the career stations at Zeiger. He commented “Whenever you have the opportunity to see firsthand what a career looks like, as a student, you have a better chance to pursue that career.”


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