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4.28.15: District begins sending fliers electronically
4.28.15: District begins sending fliers electronically
Posted on 04/28/2015

A new electronic flier distribution system launched in February is reducing the number of paper fliers sent home with students to promote school and community news, programs, and activities.


Under the new “Peachjar” electronic flier system, families with email addresses on fi le with the Puyallup School District automatically receive approved fliers sent electronically to their email inboxes.


Parents only receive fliers that relate to their children’s schools or to the district as a whole. They may also opt out of receiving the email messages by unsubscribing at the bottom of the email message or logging on to the Peachjar website and managing flier delivery preferences.


Distributing fliers electronically is a more efficient and environmentally friendly way of communicating with parents compared to sending printed paper fliers home, said Brian Fox, executive director of communications, information, and arts education.


In addition to being sent to families via email, approved fliers are posted on school and district Peachjar Web pages.


To view district- and school-approved fliers, scroll to the bottom of the school district Home page or any of the district’s 32 school Web pages and click the button (computer icon) that features the image of a peach.


Approved fliers for some of the district’s specialty programs, including Puyallup Digital Learning, are also accessible by clicking the peach icon near the bottom of the page.

Paper copies of approved fliers will continue to be available upon request in school offices to serve families that don’t have access to email or other electronic device applications.


The Peachjar system is free to district staff, school staff, and authorized parent groups such as PTA for the distribution of noncommercial, school-related fliers.


Nonprofit community organizations may also post a school-related flier without charge provided the flier contains information about a community event that is held without charge to attendees and does not lead to a participation fee or serve as an enticement to buy products or services.


For more information, visit the Community and School Flier Information Web page.