09-17-13: Pesticide Annual Notification
09-17-13: Pesticide Annual Notification
Posted on 09/17/2013

Pursuant to RCW 28A.320.165 and RCW 17.21.415 (2), parents, guardians and employees of Puyallup School District who wish to receive notification regarding the District’s pest control policies and methods may do so by contacting the District Maintenance office at (253) 841-8777.


Notice of Pesticide Use  RCW 28A.320.165

Schools as defined in RCW 17.21.415 shall provide notice of pesticide use to parents or guardians of students and employees pursuant to chapter 17.21 RCW, upon the request of the parent or guardian.


Annual Requirement  RCW 17.21.415 (2)

A school shall provide written notification, upon request, to parents or guardians of students and employees describing the school's pest control policies and methods, including the posting and notification requirements of this section.