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04-20-12: Student artists receive top honors in Fair poster project
04-20-12: Student artists receive top honors in Fair poster project

Puyallup School District student winners in this year’s “Spring Fair in Puyallup” art poster competition are on display April 19-22 on the first floor of the Pavilion at the Puyallup Fair & Events Center.

Judges for the poster project reviewed more than 1,000 contest entries from second graders and junior high art students. In the end, three students at the elementary level and three from junior high schools received first, second, and third place prizes and/or ribbons.

First place winners this year are David DeBruler, a second grader in Janie Dymond’s class at Woodland Elementary, and Lettie Cole, a seventh grader in Margaret Langston’s class at Stahl Junior High.

DeBruler and Cole received 10 Spring Fair gate admission tickets, 12 ride tickets, and a basket of art supplies. Their artwork has also been incorporated into Spring Fair posters and coupons sent to schools throughout South Puget Sound.

Second place honors went to Molly Miller, a second grader in David Heagle’s class at Carson Elementary, and Natalie Beck, an eighth grader in Joyce Alvarez’s class at Edgemont Junior High.

Alison Platt, a second grader in Eva Green’s class at Woodland Elementary, and Kiera Johnson, a ninth grader in Amanda Warring’s class at Aylen Junior High, took third place.

Two honorable mention winners from each of the participating elementary school classes, and three honorable mentions from among junior high school classes, also are on display in the Pavilion during the Spring Fair.

Each participating school received a $100 donation from the Spring Fair for art supplies. Schools with the top three winners received additional donations for art supplies — $300 for first place, $250 for second place, and $150 for third place.

This is the fifth consecutive year that second-grade classes have participated in the contest and the fourth year that junior high students have competed.

Teachers introduced the poster project with themed lessons in art and social studies. The lessons culminated with a hands-on art project in which the students demonstrated what they learned by creating brightly-colored posters reflecting their memories of the Spring Fair. Art mediums range from crayons and colored pencils to oils, watercolors and poster paints.

“The Spring Fair enjoys the partnership with the Puyallup School District in this project,” said Kent Hojem, chief executive officer of the Western Washington Fair Association. “We value the importance of the arts in the education curriculum, and by hosting this competition we recognize outstanding artists while reinforcing the arts with art supply donations to the schools.”

Brian Fox, director of instructional leadership in the school district, added, “Students were asked to explore how the Fair brings people together, generation after generation. Our students were put to task to combine their art skills with communications, creating posters that creatively communicated the annual Spring Fair.”