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Management Team

Maija Thiel
Director of Instructional Leadership, CTE

Patti McMullan
Career Specialist, Emerald Ridge High School

Shelley Jellison
Career Specialist, Puyallup High School

Richard Mitchell
Career Specialist, Rogers High School

Willie Stewart Jr.
Assistant Principal, Emerald Ridge High School

Nathan Webb
Assistant Principal, Puyallup High School

Angelina Quiles
Assistant Principal, Rogers High School

Trish Capocy
Administrative Assistant

Tracey Mehrer
Administrative Assistant

Emerald Ridge High School

Jackie Browning
Career Center Secretary

Michael Chappell
AP Computer Science, Prog. for Game Design, Computer Support, Computer Networking

Jeff Coleman                      
Aircraft Systems, Intro to Flight, CAD/CAM

Arlene Crum
Applied Math

Gary Hibbs
Marine Resources

Bob Horton
Applied Math

Christi Horton
Business Law, Financial Literacy, Accounting

Mary Jo Koch
Applied Math

Jessica Mattson
American Sign Language

Patricia McMullan
Career Specialist

Jennifer Muehlenbruch
Teaching Academy, Ed Careers, Relationships and Human Development, Child Development

Mitch Noll
American Sign Language

David Orona
Video Production, Graphic Design, Digital Photo

Eric Paul
Applied Math

Jennifer Picardo
Digital Photography

Cynthia Russell
Business and Marketing

Suzanne Smith
Biology and Natural Resources

Kevin Smyth
Yearbook, Newspaper 

Carrie Swanson
Sports Medicine, Anatomy and Physiology

Jody Wickett
Medical Terminology, Nutrition and Fitness, Intro to Medical Careers

Puyallup High School

Dani Andrews
Applied Math

Hannah Barrie
American Sign Language

Marlys Black
Digital Photography, Interior Design

Sandra Coyer

Alec Elliott
Applied Math

Kara Harris
American Sign Language

April Houghton
Career Center Secretary

Shelley Jellison
Career Specialist

Andrew McClure
S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

James Meyerhoff
Digital Photography

Cassandra Mueller
Teaching Academy, Relationships and Human Development, Ed Careers

Yesica Pak
AP Computer Science Principles, Yearbook, Financial Literacy

Pamela Reichel
Intro to Medical Careers, Med. Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology

Kim Root
Accounting, Business and Marketing

Emily Stephenson
Applied Math

Donell Turner
Culinary Arts

Larry Turner

Michele VanSchelt
Sports Medicine, Nutrition and Fitness, Anatomy and Physiology

Jennifer West
Business and Marketing, Web Design, Graphic Design, MS Office

David Wetzel
Biology and Natural Resources

Rogers High School

Alex Baker

Emily Caetano
American Sign Language

David Cerio
Manufacturing, CAD

Jon Cerio
ACE Academy

Shannon Doran
Applied Math

Jaclyn Fisher
Financial Literacy, Relationships and Human Development, Interior Design

Noelle Gage
Nutrition and Fitness

Paul Hill
Applied Math

Stephanie Holubowsky
Applied Math

Willie London
Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Terminology

Michael Meray

Richard Mitchell
Career Specialist

Maureen Opheikens
American Sign Language

Margret Parobek
Biology and Natural Resources, Plant Science

Daniil Perebeynos
Applied Math

Justin Rambow                   
Video Productions, Graphic Design, Web Design

Pamela Sarell                      
Digital Photography, Yearbook

Kathy Saxon                       
Career Center Secretary

Kelly Schakel
Teaching Academy, Nutrition and Fitness, Ed Careers

Paul Stoltenberg
Business and Marketing, Business Law

Jolyn Stricherz
Financial Literacy, Accounting, MS Office

Roland Sydney

Christie Waters
Applied Math

Walker High School

Dave Michler
Graphic Design, Digital Photo, Video Productions, Success Skills

Lauren Park
Applied Math

Katie Ventura
Applied Math, Digitools

Aylen Junior High School

Russ Picha
Field Investigation

Sheri Sahli-Nibeck
Life Issues, Culinary Essentials

Stacy Leeper

Ballou Junior High School

Paul Martin
Visual Arts Technology, Gateway to Technology

Heidi Sturdivant
Life Issues, Culinary Essentials

Brenda Valdez

Heidi Zimmer
Field Investigations

Edgemont Junior High School

Janese Lassen
Life Issues, FACS, Culinary Essentials

Colleen Britt

Ferrucci Junior High School

Brittney Gorman
Life Issues, Culinary Essentials

Susannah Youngquist

Paul Martin
Intro to Tech,  Gateway to Technology

Glacier View Junior High School

Valerie Barabe
Life Issues

Stephanie Giustino

Jeremy Tvedt
Field Investigations, Gateway to Technology

Kalles Junior High School

Carri Gervais
Life Issues, Culinary Essentials

Heidi Matson

Austin Orabanec
Gateway to Technology, Intro to Tech

Stahl Junior High School

Naomi Diseth
Culinary Essentials

Jason Edwards

Peter Hefty
Applied Math

Randi Moffitt
Life Issues

Tim Spears
Visual Arts, Intro to Tech, Gateway to Technology