Message from the Superintendent - September 11, 2017

Dr. YeomansPuyallup staff,

I want to thank each of you for the very fine work done in preparation for such a smooth and positive first week of school. The students and families of our community are fortunate to have such a dedicated and committed community of professionals who instruct and support them each day.

In Puyallup, such effort is simply Who We Are. Each team member contributes to the positive culture of our schools. Each person also makes our district a wonderful place for students and their families. Thank you!

Decisions recently made in our nation’s capitol will create a new challenge for some Puyallup families and children.

The leadership of the United States has made a choice to end the DACA program after a six month period. This decision effectively forces the decision on the future of young people brought to our country as children, into the national spotlight. It places the onus on Congress to determine a solution in the near future.

In the Puyallup School District we will be setting all politics aside and doing one thing - supporting each and every family in our district regardless of their nationality, immigration status, race, orientation, or any other factors that might be applied to differentiate. 

In short, we will continue to welcome and serve all students and families. 

We will provide equitable opportunities, outstanding instruction and program support to all of our students. 

We will continue to live the values that we have espoused as an organization for the past six years, and do our very best to help “each child” and each family find success.

In Puyallup, this is not only who we are, it is who we will continue to grow to become. We will not lose sight of the mission – to educate and inspire all students to reach their full potential. We will continue to challenge ourselves and each other to live this mission and serve “each child” on a daily basis.

Thank you once again for your work. I am proud to serve alongside you.


Dr. Timothy S. Yeomans, Superintendent
Puyallup School District

Who We Are